[seqfan] Re: 9 dots puzzle

Hans Havermann pxp at rogers.com
Sat Mar 12 16:22:10 CET 2011

Dmitry Kamenetsky:

> Great news. Do you know which paper it is, because he has many.

> From: "Richard Guy" rkg at cpsc.ucalgary.ca

>> I believe that there's a paper by Sol Golomb which answers this. R.
>> On Fri, 11 Mar 2011, David Wilson wrote:
>>> For n = 3 through 10, 2n-2 lines suffice, although I cannot say if  
>>> this is
>>> optimal.
>>> http://www.mathpuzzle.com/dots.html

Look at (i.e., read) that link provided by David Wilson. It answers  
your question.

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