[seqfan] Re: OEIS targeted by a spammer

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Thu Jul 7 18:07:34 CEST 2016

* Hans Havermann <gladhobo at teksavvy.com> [Jul 07. 2016 17:46]:
> > IP address:
> This traces to MTS in Kolkata, India. A Google search for this IP also finds the Quickbooks spam (dated today) in the Fortran Wiki.
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Just block the subnet

descr:          MTS-NEW-22-110
origin:         AS131222
mnt-by:         MAINT-MTS-INDIA-IN
changed:        dr.goyal at mtsindia.in 20110522
source:         APNIC

If spammy attempts also came from some
other than then block the whole thing.

Makes life easier (I silently drop all SMTP connections
from *.cn on my server, after receiving gazillions of spam
emails without a single valid message, life's better now).

Note that with our current setup a single malicious account
can wreak havoc in /draft/
This is bound to happen.

Best regards,   jj

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