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Fri Jul 15 12:12:27 CEST 2016


    Mathematical game "887" which Japanese students  play has the following

    Count number and clap when number n satisfies

    n=0  Mod 7  or
    For some m  Floor[n/10^m]=7  Mod 10.
    "8" and "clap" are the same pronounciation in Japanese.

    S(n)   7,14,17,21,27,....

    See "Logirl" which is TV for junior high and primary school student

    P.1 Talk  P.2 Test of lives in the sea  P.3 Opinion  P.4 Game"887"
    If you click "CC" button then you will read English sub
    The last part of the video, they play "887"  but they don't play it so well.
    The reason why it is difficult for them is that the rule includes both
semantical and syntactical.

    I found this sequence on OEIS


    Does anyone know how to play "Sevens"?
    I wonder if it looks like "887" in Japan


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