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> FYI  - sequence's author opinion ...
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> Very thanks.
> In my opinion,  the adding of a(1)=2 is not correct in principle since
> contradicts to the main idea:
> the behavior of the sequence repeats the behavior of the positive
> integers with respect to the property: to be or not to be prime;
> therefore, we begin from a(2)=3.

If we add a(1)=2, then this is the same with the property: to be or
not to be composite.  In both cases, the initial value is the smallest
which is different from the argument (in order not to obtain the
sequence of positive integers).  Therefore the "right" sequence for
the property "to be or not to be prime" is A159698, that is

Anyway, this is not a big change, but imagine someone who makes the
searches "3,5,6,7,8,11" and "2,3,5,6,7,8,11"; only the sequence with
a(1)=2 will appear in both cases.

By the way, the observations I made in my previous message are
essentially contained in Shevelev's paper.


> Vladimir
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> Subject: OEIS Fan's discussion re A159559
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