[seqfan] Opinion polls, frequently debated questions, and rules on seqfan (was "Without discussion")

Olivier Gerard olivier.gerard at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 11:50:42 CEST 2009

Dear members,
I clearly need to recall that : The SeqFan is NOT a newsgroup.

I will not this time go over the recent case of code library use in maple
but some of my remarks apply to this case too.

Polls are ok in the following form: someone asks a question,
others answer *privately*, and the original poster makes a summary for

If there is a conflict on sequence editing (as it was the case behind
David's question),
let it be stated directly as such so the discussion can go on in that

If your incensed about a decision of Neil or one of the editors, just take
your time,
state your case clearly. If you need to rant, grunt, etc. before being able
to do that,
express your anger privately. I know this can sometimes be difficult, I have
experienced that a few times since 1996.

Also demagogy in all its forms has no place on seqfan and is self-defeating
in a scientific context.

I remark that when the origin of the question was given, a good suggestion
was provided.

The question asked (about the eventual value of 0^0) is precisely one of
those mathematical
propositions that need proper context to be answered (as informed answers on
list have explained).

The urge that many people of making this a matter of opinion (when this is
more a matter
of axiomatics, logic and modelization, etc.) has produced tremendous amounts
of useless flame
wars on groups such as sci.math.

As I am benevolent but also a dictator, I will put on temporary moderation
any member
fanning the flames after this post.

Olivier GERARD
Seqfan Mailing List Administrator

PS: A FAQ on seqfan is overdue, and would be also of interest
on the wiki. Suggestions, contributors are welcome, privately :-).

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