[seqfan] Angry Recurrences

Ron Hardin rhhardin at att.net
Sat Feb 1 22:25:32 CET 2014


T(n,k)=Number of (n+1)X(k+1) 0..3 arrays with the maximum of every 2X2 subblock equal

has recurrences that grow large coefficients faster than any I recall (and growing in degree if anything unusually slowly)

Empirical for column k: 
k=1: a(n) = 16*a(n-1) -650*a(n-3) +596*a(n-4) +5184*a(n-5) -1365*a(n-6) -3780*a(n-7) 
k=2: [order 10] 
k=3: [order 13] 
k=4: [order 22] 
k=5: [order 34] 
k=6: [order 55] 
k=7: [order 88]

The k=7 recurrence has coefficients up to about 10^170.

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