[seqfan] A124824 ("LambertW analog of the Bell numbers") : Some more information of its occurences available?

Gottfried Helms helms at uni-kassel.de
Sat Feb 8 11:19:25 CET 2014

Seqfans -

 just rereading an older treatize of mine I arrive again
 at a sequence of numbers, which is known by

   A124824: LambertW analog of the Bell numbers:
            a(n) = (1/e)*Sum_{k>=0} k*(n+k)^(n-1)/k! for n>0 with a(0)=1.

 I've already seen this in 2010 when I wrote my treatize; looking
 again and with a fresh view at it I'd like now to know where this
 sequence occured and whether the authors could possibly provide
 interesting references.

 I'd dealt with the question of "tetration of matrices"
 see http://go.helms-net.de/math/tetdocs/PascalMatrixTetrated.pdf
 page 10 "Exponential of PP"


 Also I'd like to ask whether there's someone around who
 would like to help me improve the article - I think there's
 something more in this concept worth to get digged out, but due
 to weak health I don't think I'll be able to put sufficient energy
 into a serious revision and further development of that study.


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