[seqfan] Online Floretion Multiplier

Creighton Kenneth Dement creighton.k.dement at mail.uni-oldenburg.de
Wed Apr 8 17:41:02 CEST 2009

Dear Seqfans,

The "Online Floretion Multiplier" is now up and ready for initial testing.
Additional features will be added over the course of the next week.

Please post your suggestions and bugs found directly to me and not to the
seqfan list.

Example. Let's assume we want to know what the result is of multiplying
the quaternions 'i by 'j. To do this, simply find the row X and the 'i
column (an "i" which has an arrow on the top pointing to the left).
Enter the number 1 in that field. Next, enter a 1 for row Y in the 'j
column. Upon moving your mouse, the result is automatically
shown in the X*Y and Y*X rows. Note that the unit vector is represented by
a bold "1" (sometimes it is shown as "ee").

If you want to start exploring Pell and Fibonacci numbers- hit "Basic
Pell" in the selection box and then the button
"Go Python!". The results will appear in the text area, below.

Finally, to anyone interested, my Floretion 2009 draft paper will be made
available on individual request.

Thanks and sincerely,

Further details:

-Symbolic multiplication is currently turned off for fear of using up too
much server time. However, I will soon make a symbolic version available
for download.

-link to MySQL database established
(the database fills up the options list on the top right of the screen
when the page is loaded, however,
several of these options are still inactive)

-added dynamic sequences to list (upon pressing "Go Python!")

Known issues-
There are a few issues involving when users enter large numbers or try to
calculate too many terms. When Python moves from integer
values to so-called BigInteger values (limited only by memory) it adds an
"L" to the back of the number. But then my program, which is actually
capable of multiplying floretions with symbolic variables, is perhaps
mistaking this L for a variable (well, that is my first guess).

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