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Thanks Tony, 


I screwed up on the original look up in OEIS where I left out prime 79. 

as being the largest prime < 9^2 , thus no results. 


What is interesting though is the second entry A014085. 

It appears there is an average gradual increase of primes between 

squares. This is possibly why my conjecture of the sum of 

the prime tower( sequential primes starting on top )  has a smaller 

and smaller ratio between the difference of cubical prime area 

within this cubical rectangle and the remainder of the cubical rectangle 

not occupied by primes. 

Will this always be the case where the prime area fills slightly less  

then 1/2 of the total cubical area of the rectangle? 


Thanks for the heads-up on my screw-up in my look-up! 





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>Hi all seq. fans, 
>A sequence of only primes that are closest to the next 
>square > then itself. 

Look at A053001. 



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