[seqfan] Re: Help updating a b-file

M. F. Hasler seqfan at hasler.fr
Mon Mar 9 22:51:49 CET 2015

On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 9:43 AM, Charles Greathouse wrote:
> In excruciating detail:
> http://oeis.org/wiki/User:Charles_R_Greathouse_IV/Format#b-files

I was about to say that there are b-files that do not respect the
"grammar" given here, when I found a bit further down the paragraph
about "loose b-file format". FWIW, the newbe-unreadable regexp in the
2nd line of that section roughly translates to human-readable as
Some b-files have
- leading space(s) before the index (1st number) or comment
- spaces other than U+0020, namely TAB's (U+0009) and maybe other
- more than one of the above spaces between the two numbers (index / value)
- space and/or comments (or worse) after the "value" (2nd number)

I'm not able to find an example of such a b-file in the immediate, but
they may look much like the a-file http://oeis.org/A080035/a080035.txt

Also, I fear that some b-files might have isolatin1 characters in some
comment lines, which make them invalid UTF-8.

That said, I suspect that the O.P.'s question was much more
elementary/technical, namely : how to change a b-file ?
With the answer:
- download it (if you wish, or start with an empty file),
- edit it to add further values by hand / copy-paste or
 run your program appending line-by-line the "index (space) value" pairs
- then upload the b-file using the "edit" form:
* click on "I want to upload ...."
* check the b-file checkbox without other manual changes
 [although experts would add something like "(First N terms from ...)"
at the end of the line].
and finally
* hit the "Save Changes" button ("far") below on the page.

-- Maximilian

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