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Christopher Gribble chris.eveswell at virgin.net
Mon Jul 5 19:11:16 CEST 2010

Hi Karol,

The formula for A002793 is in the title for the sequence, namely:

	a(n) = 2n * a(n-1) - (n-1)^2 * a(n-2)

Best regards,

Chris Gribble

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Can anyone help with the following three questions concerning A002793:

     1.  is the formula for a(n) known ?
     2.  is any generating function (ogf , egf ... etc. ) of a(n) known ?
     3.  in one of my calculations the following splitting of a(n)'s 
appear :

                   a(2)=4    =3+1
                   a(3)=20  =11+8+1
         I would be happy to obtain the formula for the triangle.

       Thanks in advance ,    Karol A. Penson


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