[seqfan] A066411

Graeme McRae g_m at mcraefamily.com
Sun Jan 29 02:06:49 CET 2012

Breaking news!  A066411(18) is 3166531.  Now I'm working on number 19.  I expect it will take several hours (i.e. overnight) to find the value, so look for an update from me tomorrow.  

BTW, of interest is the size of the contiguous zone of sums that is completely filled in by sums.  For example, when calculating A066411(5), I observed that the sums from 56 through 104 (49 of the 61 sums) were contiguous.  As I have calculated the values of A066411, I have also tracked the size of this central contiguous zone.   Interestingly, the vast majority of sums stein this zone, except for n=4 and n=6. 

I have been using Microsoft Excel, with a simple VBA program, to calculate these results.  If anyone would like to see the code, feel free to email me (off the list) and I'll send you my spreadsheet.  g_m at mcraefamily.com

--Graeme McRae,
Palmdale, CA

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