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	This is terrific.  Many thanks.  What would you think about one
other special case: 4 tildes surrounded by square brackets?



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I am sorry that ~~~~ has caused so much angst.  It was supposed to be a
potential convenience, to be taken or left depending on the situation.
It sounds like some people are insisting on its use, and I think that's

The ~~~~ is only recognized at the end of a line, to avoid potential
surprises if used to mean, well, four tildes.  For the most part I think
that heuristic works well.  However, I see Mathematica does have the
problem that it has no end-of-line comment to use (in, say, C, you could
say // ~~~~).  So I added (* ~~~~ *) as a special case.  You can write
(* ~~~~ *) at the end of a line and it will be rewritten appropriately.



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