[seqfan] Summatory triangle.

Mats Granvik mgranvik at abo.fi
Tue Feb 8 16:49:30 CET 2011

I have written about this subject before and I know it is mostly self  
promotion. But I am only human so I write again.

Is this a true analogy?
http://oeis.org/A007318 is to http://oeis.org/A047999
http://oeis.org/A175105 is to http://oeis.org/A051731.

that is:
A007318 mod 2 = A047999
A175105 mod 2 = A051731.

I have tried to see if A175105 and the Pascal triangle
would have similar properties but so far I have not found any
except for those that Richard Choulet mentions in his comments.

Best regards,
Mats Granvik

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