[seqfan] A299434 / A299435 = A005447 / A005446 ?

Paul Hanna pauldhanna.math at gmail.com
Sat Feb 10 00:22:38 CET 2018

       Are the following sequences essentially the same?

https://oeis.org/A299434  =  https://oeis.org/A005447   ?
https://oeis.org/A299435  =  https://oeis.org/A005446   ?

If so, then some formulas could be added to the following sequences as

A299430 / A299431  = coefficients in C(x)
A299432 / A299433  = coefficients in S(x)

These sequences describe the power series C(x) and S(x) that satisfy:

    C(x)^(1/2)  -  S(x)^(1/2)  =  1

analogous to the hyperbolic cosine, sine functions.


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