[seqfan] Re: Maxima interface for OEIS

Giovanni Resta g.resta at iit.cnr.it
Mon Jan 26 07:56:35 CET 2009

Max Alekseyev wrote:
> Neil,
> What's about a similar interface in Mathematica 7? Did they get a
> permission from you?

Where is the similar interface in Mathematica 7 ?
I only know FindSequenceFunction[] that does not seem to be related to OEIS.

> From technical perspective, I would prefer Maxima accessing the
> current version of OEIS online, rather than having its offline local
> copy.

That would be dangerous (it would make easier to perform, say, 1000 
queries in a second) and in my opinion that would surely need a permission.

I do not know Maxima, but it seems to me that what they did is to
download a copy of the archive (which is permitted) and develop
a set of functions to search the local copy. I assume that most of
us has done something similar to access OEIS when internet is not
available. What can be disputed, probably, is the fact that the guy
distributes a packet (of 42Mb !) which contains a snapshot of OEIS.
That probably requires permission even if it is distributed for free
(I can't be sure, since I usually do not read the "terms of use").


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