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Harry J. Smith hjsmithh at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 30 05:03:24 CET 2009

Then the sequence should not be called A005846  Primes of form n^2 + n + 41.
You should not use n to mean two different things in the same sequence. So
call it A005846  Primes of form m^2 + m + 41.


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> > You totally lost me on that one. Are you just trying to bug me. The
> > for A005846 should be zero.
> No, its correct as it stands.
> The smallest prime of the form n^2+n+41 is a(1)=41.
> This sequence "counts" the primes which are *of the form* n²+n+41
> (sorted by increasing size).
> The "n" occuring in that formula has nothing to do with the index of
> the terms of this sequence.
> The index 1,2,3,...,k,...says: this is the 1-st, 2-nd, 3-rd,...
> k-th... prime of this form.
> No matter for what "n" it is obtained.
> Maximilian

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