[seqfan] Re: Two troubles at OEIS

Georg.Fischer georg.fischer at t-online.de
Thu Mar 8 17:43:42 CET 2018

To me, it looks not like a mirror (with all
internal OEIS code copied), but like a frame around
the OEIS. It seems to call the real OEIS inside the
frame. If you place a different URL behind, that
is also called (try <https://gir.im/http://www.google.com>
or <https://gir.im/https://www.telekom.de>).

My first idea would be that the administrators block any
requests from gir.im in the Apache Web Server configuration
of the OEIS.

HTH - Georg

Am 08.03.2018 um 16:09 schrieb Neil Sloane:
> 1.  Bob Lyons noticed this illegal mirror site:
> It displays the OEIS pages with ads at the bottom.
> for example,
> https://gir.im/http://oeis.org/A235383
> any suggestions, anyone?
> Of course this violates our end-user license agreement and is strictly
> forbidden
> The language is Turkish
> 2.  It looks like this may be intercepting passwords.
> Peter Luschny said:
> What about the login? It seems that the passwords
> can be intercepted, also on the page with the request
> for an account.  A serious security issue?
> 3.  Jon Schoenfield tried to reset his password this morning, and it seems
> to have been intercepted
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