[seqfan] Re: Your A051217 Nonnegative numbers of the form 6^x-y^2.

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Mon Nov 14 06:04:00 CET 2011

I would most certainly take game 1. I would rate the probability that 
there is some regularity we have no inkling of that makes hitting 
particular values more likely at about 10^-4; if the probability of 
hitting a value in the published range is then, say, 10^-10, that still 
gives you a 10^-14 chance of losing - much worse than the other game. 
Even if the probability of such a regularity is 10^-20, your odds are 
much worse in game 2.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

P.S. This is of course not counting the Monty Hall effect. If the devil 
gives you that choice, you can be pretty sure that he knows something 
that you don't.

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So, technically, yes, I could have missed a value in A051217. However,
if I had to choose between playing
these two games:

Game 1: You and I each choose a random subatomic particle from the
observable universe.  If we choose
the same particle, I go to Hell.

Game 2: If A051217 is missing an element on the published range, I go 

I would play game 2.

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