[seqfan] Re: Another surprising omission from OEIS

Leroy Quet q1qq2qqq3qqqq at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 12 21:33:42 CET 2009

With all the insults thrown at 'base' sequences in this thread, I want to defend base-2 'base' sequences.
Unlike base-10, base 2 is more "natural", since it is often times the smallest-order base that is interesting.

And then there are the applications of some base-2 sequences to computer science.

Still, I may have inadvertently used the 'base' keyword for some of my binary-based sequences which are more simply defined by non-base means, a no-no according to an earlier post to this thread.

Leroy Quet

[ ( [ ([( [ ( ([[o0Oo0Ooo0Oo(0)oO0ooO0oO0o]]) ) ] )]) ] ) ]


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