[seqfan] Delays in doing updates (was Problem with algorithm in A063037)

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Fri Nov 13 01:02:48 CET 2009

I will not have as much time for the OEIS in the next few weeks.
(I see that there was at least one update to A063037 submitted via SubmitC 
since I last processed that stack.)

I am getting about 200 sequence-related inputs every day.  
I am handling this by doing them in batches.

If I were to do them as they come in, I would have
no time to do anything else.

So every week or so I will try to process each of the stacks
(comments, edits, b-files, new submissions, emails, etc.).
So there will indeed be delays before corrections are
processed. [Moral:  be extra-careful with your initial submissions!]

Best regards


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