[seqfan] RFC: Opportunity to clarify meaning of keyword:base

Alonso Del Arte alonso.delarte at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 03:18:46 CET 2009

With the OEIS wiki in the works, I think that right now we have an excellent
opportunity to clarify the meaning of the keyword base, so that once the
OEIS wiki is fully functional, Associate Editors can add or remove the
keyword with the confidence that they're not creating any inconsistencies.

The points of contention are, as I see them, whether the keyword is rated

- sequences that look at several (or all) place-based digital
representations of numbers (e.g., sum of digits of n from all bases less
than n)
- sequences dependent on numeration systems other than place-based, or on
place-based numeration systems where the places don't relate to powers
(e.g., factorial base 'pandigital' numbers)
- sequences whose members have a given property in several (or all) bases
(e.g., strictly non-palindromic numbers, all-Harshad numbers)
- sequences that can easily be defined independent of base but are most
likely to be searched for in connection to a specific base

So I would like to hear various ideas on this, and put the most-endorsed
ideas to Neil for a decision.


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