[seqfan] Re: Congratulations for creating OEIS Foundation

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Fri Nov 20 13:12:19 CET 2009

Dear Pacha,  Thanks for this message!

> I was delighted to read about the OEIS Foundation. I am certain such a foundation will guarantee the existence of this database for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years in the future - like Euclid's Elements.

> 1) How do I register so I can continue to send new sequences and comments?

To register, go to the wiki,  http://oeis.org/wiki  and
you will see a link for registering

Note that new sequences and comments should still be sent in in
the old way - the Wiki is not yet set up for that.

> 2) I would like to suggest that at the end of a calendar year in December, users and others may be given an option to purchase a CD or DVD of all the sequences up to that point. Is this being contemplated? This is just like with many journals, for example, Journal of Chemical Education.

A DVD of all the sequences - that's not a bad idea! 
Will have to think about that.

> 3) What about the Journal of Integer Sequences. Is it also part of the new Foundation?

No, the J.I.S. is independent of the OEIS Foundation

> 4) Is there a plan to publish the history of each sequence as corrections, comments etc are added and updated. I think this may be of help to future contributors and others (historians?) who are interested in understanding how each OEIS has evolved over a period of time.

Yes, the pages in the Wiki all have a History tab
- enter A000108, for example, in the search bar on the left, and you will see it.

> 5) I would like to make a donation to the OEIS Foundation but my past experience with PayPal is not good. I prefer to send a check, made out to the Foundation. Is that OK?

Yes, to make a direct contribution,
send a check or money order made out to The OEIS Foundation Inc. to

Mr. Antonie D. Noe,
Treasurer, The OEIS Foundation Inc.,
14025 N.W. Harvest Lane,
Portland, OR 97229,

Many thanks!

 Best regards

I will copy this to the sequence fans list

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