[seqfan] Creighton's Python script and Scribd

Robert Munafo mrob27 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 04:17:07 CET 2009

Although his instruction was incomplete, I was able to download the
Python script.

When you go to the webpage Creighton quoted, you'll see an abstract
geometric figure, a little text below that, and then three links:
"Floretions 2009 (draft)", "A Maple Script (by Prof. E. Clark)", and
"Symbolic Calculator in Python(by C. Dement)". The third link is the
one he just added. It links to "fumba.eu/sitelayout/fdo.php" and made
my browser ask "Would you like to save or open this file?" The
filename extension was ".py" but I changed it to a TXT file. It
contains a lot of Python source code; I asked Creighton for it so I
could start figuring out some of his custom-defined iteration

It also seems Creighton took the advice to bypass Scribd. That first
"Floretions 2009 (draft)" link does not send me to scribd, but instead
downloads the PDF file (July 2 2009 version).

Creighton Kenneth Dement wrote:
> > The "floretion symbolic calculator" written in Python which goes along
> > with the (draft) paper can now be downloaded from my website.
> > [...]
> > http://www.fumba.eu/sitelayout/floretion.html

Joerg Arndt wrote:
> No, it cannot.  Still just a pointer to the script-infested 'scribd' website
> that even requires registration.
> Just put the pdf on your website.

 Robert Munafo  --  mrob.com

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