[seqfan] Re: Creighton's Python script and Scribd

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Sat Nov 21 05:24:27 CET 2009

* Robert Munafo <mrob27 at gmail.com> [Nov 21. 2009 15:06]:
> Although his instruction was incomplete, I was able to download the
> Python script.

Yes, got it (cf. other mail).

> When you go to the webpage Creighton quoted, you'll see an abstract
> geometric figure, a little text below that, and then three links:
> [...]

Apparently some php-thingy inflicted via a CMS.

Why must people use CMS for a single static web page?
What is the world coming to?
Am I getting old?
Actually, what time is it?

> It also seems Creighton took the advice to bypass Scribd. That first
> "Floretions 2009 (draft)" link does not send me to scribd, but instead
> downloads the PDF file (July 2 2009 version).

scribd.com == criminal stealing bunch

And the pdf seems to indicate that
the algebra contains two copies of
the quaternions.  Progress indeed!

Useful information, YES!
Useful information rocks.
In-for-mation: YEAH!!!

> [...]

yours "excellence in grouchiness" jj

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