[seqfan] Re: project: looking for connections between sequences

Alexander P-sky apovolot at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 20:54:49 CEST 2010

To start earlier without waiting for resolution of Superseeker's bottleneck,
one might consider running NOW Martin Rubey's GUESS (free distributed) package
(part of FriCAS - computer algebra system development).

In my communication with Martin Rubey he indicated though that GUESS
is only effective when hundred or more terms are available ...


On 8/11/10, N. J. A. Sloane <njas at research.att.com> wrote:
> Dear Seq Fans,
> Several people have suggested that it would be interesting
> to run the whole 200,000 sequences through Superseeker,
> to see if there are interesting connections to be discovered.
> I think this is too big a project.
> I would like to suggest a smaller project.
> Let us consider just those sequences which
> have the following properties:
> 1. a(n) is the number of ....  [that is, sequences which count something]
> 2. there is no formula given for a(n)
> 3. at least 8 terms are known
> There will be a few thousand such sequences.
> Then run these through Superseeker, and see if
> they appear to be related to any of the 200,000
> sequences in the OEIS - or if Superseeker can
> suggest a formula or recurrence for them.
> I think this project has a chance of making
> one or two interesting discoveries.
> By the way, at present Superseeker only lives on my machine
> at work, where it is shared with my colleagues. It queues up
> submissions, so only one job runs at a time.
> The plan is to move it to the oeis.org site, once the OEIS wiki is finished.
> I am also planning to make the source code for Superseeker public.
> But that will take a while.
> So this project that I am proposing is something for the future
> Neil
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