[seqfan] Re: « King-walking » integers in a square box

Thomas Kellar wangude at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 01:02:59 CEST 2010

No, I apologize for injecting stuff that is irrelevant and in error.
I really am more interested in sequences.  More precisely sequences
related to x/k-perfect numbers or so-called deficient numbers.   I
wrote the following program to generate 12/5 and 16/5 abund() numbers
before, is there some reference to it somewhere else?   It does not
generate them all but is very efficient:


\\ generate most of the 12/5 and 16/5 abundant numbers
\\ using Mersenne primes

for (s=2,255,



for (e=0,1,   \\ 0,1
  for (i=1,2,   \\ 1,1
    p=(2^(v-i))*(3^e)*(5^i)*y;    \\12/5 or 16/5 abundant
    t = sigma(p)/p;
    if (denominator(t)==5,
       print(p,"  ",t," ",v-i,"  ",i," ",y," ",e);,





Thomas Kellar
Yellow Springs

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