[seqfan] 2 non-attacking queens on free polyonimos

David Scambler dscambler at bmm.com
Fri Aug 27 09:36:05 CEST 2010

Ways to place two non-attacking chess pieces on all free n-ominos. n>=1.

Queens: 0,0,0,2,21,131,733,3882,19641,97282...
Kings:  0,0,1,7,46,240,1207,6004,28903,137996...
Rooks:  0,0,1,9,48,242,1178,5793,27651,131383...
Wazirs: 0,0,2,14,71,341,1591,7610,35432,165209...

e.g. the trionimo XXX admits 1 combination of 2 non-attacking kings or wazirs.

The trionimo XX admits 1 combination of 2 non-attacking kings, rooks or wazirs.

The pentomino XXXX admits 2 combinations of 2 non-attacking queens.


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