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Ron Hardin rhhardin at att.net
Sun Nov 28 20:15:28 CET 2010

What I'd _like_ is a principle of minimal mousing - maybe one submission path - 
for a collection of new series


1. A *.txt file formatted with old-style A-numbers on each line, and

2.  a unix archive *.a contaning b-files with names  bxxxxxx.txt  with the 
correct corresponding b-numbers

Then accept url links to each (as a method of inputting them), and 

if the A-numbers are all correctly preallocated to that submitter and the 
archive of b-files all check out correctly, then just add the whole thing to the 
OEIS as a submission of all the series and b-files.

The only mouse work then is copying in two url's to locate the two *.txt and *.a 

If it doesn't _all_ check out, don't add anything.  It's certainly easier to 
resubmit the whole thing than to fix up mistakes afterwards.

I have a couple hundred series with b-files waiting that makes the topic 
interesting to me.

rhhardin at mindspring.com
rhhardin at att.net (either)

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> Zak, we hope this will be possible by the end of the year
> (that is, uploading  b-files, figures, etc.)
> I added your questions and my answers to the  QandA file
> on the wiki
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